God never sells anything, but He freely gives to everyone.

A gift is something one gives to another. The things of God are given to all of us as gifts. He never sells anything or asks for money in return for His things. He gives and we receive.

For example:

    God gives us air to breath. He never sells air. Air is a constant necessity of life. It protects us from harmful radiation and carries sound waves so we can hear what's going on around us. Air comforts us with heat and cool breezes. Each gulp of air is a gift from God sustaining us through life. We should be thankful for every breath we take.

    God gives us water to drink. He never sells water. Water is the most beautiful element and is rich in usefulness. It is an essential component of life and survival. It purifies the body inside and out from all filth by flushing wastes and bacteria that can cause disease. It reduces stress and soothes our bodies. It helps in the process of healing. Each swallow of water should remind us to thank God for this life sustaining gift.

    God gives us food to eat. He never sells food. Food is more than just fuel. It is a gift and a blessing upon which we all depend. In order to function, every cell in the body depends on a continuous supply of calories and nutrients. Food is a tangible expression of God's love and care for us. Consuming food is one of our greatest enjoyments, for God created food to be received and enjoyed with thanksgiving.

God has blessed us with many miraculous parts we mostly take for granted and hardly think about.

    With our marvelous eyes we see people we love, the beauty around us, and navigate through life.

    With our astounding ears we hear tones of voices and resonating sounds of music.

    With our intricate hands we touch and feel, exploring and identifing objects.

    With our fabulous nose we smell and distinguish thousands of different pleasant, revolting and dangerous scents.

    Lastly, with our amazing sense of taste we enjoy God's wonderful aray of delicious food and drink.

All these gifts of senses from God give us different pleasures and alert us to danger.

As long as we want God's gifts they are given to us. God gives and never asks for money. This is the way with everything God gives to us. This is true not only with material things, but with spiritual matters as well.

Daily, God loads us up with gifts that we take for granted and never realize how important they are to us for our well being.

These gifts and wonders of God come with no price tag. They are a blessing to every person. He never sells anything. He gives and we receive.

God has many more gifts to give us now such as an abundant life and a peace that is beyond all understanding. He has promised that in the future there will be more things to happen and more gifts to give.

Believe...and put your hope in Him.